Steps To Fix My Samsung Tab 3 Not Charging

In this guide, we are going to identify some possible reasons why my Samsung Tab 3 is not charging and then we will offer some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

We get a fair amount of questions from readers who are troubleshooting confusing electronics issues: HDTV setup issues, Netf error messageslix, cable issues and etc setup. We’ve all seen it. But this time our question came from an unexpected source: an excellent eight-year-old girl:

“Dad, why aren’t the new tablets you bought me for Christmas working?” Oh oh!

The bound tablet was a 5.7-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All in all, a tablet: exceptionally responsive, fast, excellent image access, full Google Store Play (unlike Kindles), support for Bluetooth* synthesizers and* Bluetooth mice, and expandable offline storage via microSD slot. Is this very important when you feel the need to store local copies of movies (for example, movies that don’t depend on the cloud) or for entertainment on mobile media systems?

Also, the integration of the Galaxy Tab 9’s infrared port and the Remote app allows you to turn your tablet into another full-featured touchscreen home theater controller at no extra cost. The gadget monster is pretty cool. Overall, the processor, rapidly expandable memory, relatively low price, and extensive application supportEach makes the Tab 3 a great choice for a 7-inch tablet. But try to understand that a child of eight and under cannot get their shiny new tablet and charge it with a charger after just one session and a whole day.

Although it varies from person to person, the actual symptom we saw was that the corresponding Galaxy Tab 3 remained only dark: black screen, LED off, no. Trying to charge it through a human wall or charger via a European PC’s USB cable has no effect. Pressing the power button or the Home button also had little to no effect.

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After checking the issue, I used the mighty Google to find all sorts of helpful suggestions, which I honestly tried:

  • Press and hold the power button for 10-30 seconds, seconds, or maybe 60 seconds (no joy).
  • Press and hold the influence button and the volume up button 10-30 times at the same time (again, no)
  • Hold down and power button, real estate button and zoom button volume. Always NO!
  • Try a smart buy: Connect your Tab 3 to the right computer with the included USB cable, not the wall charger, in the hope that the lower computer load will force the tablet to do so immediately to charge it (obviously) dead battery. Again, at least (for me) – FAIL!
  • UPDATE. One of our readers (Chad Kent) suggested the following non-invasive solution and it worked for him, as well as a few other things (thanks Chad):

    my samsung tab 3 won t charge

    In addition, several members reported that non-original OEM USB cables and chargers do not always work with Samsung tablets. We recommend that you always use an original Samsung charger and device cable, especially if you experience charging problems.

    You can 100% try any or all of the above, as they are completely non-invasive and can help you with this. You can find such suggestions and a more detailed solution in our YouTube video: “Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 won’t turn on? Here’s a great solution.”

    None of these presses The button worked for me, so I gave up immediately, sent the device back to Samsung and (about two weeks later) found this replacement, one of the orange children’s versions of the Tab 4. Everything was fine. in the world. My daughter had a tablet in the lumbar region, with Dragon City, Plants vs Zombies, Minecraft 2 and other “educational” tariffs. Until… a few moments later… it happened again. “Dad, I can’t get my tablet back anymore.” Fu!

    I tried it again above and fixed it, but no luck. Should I send it back to Samsung or just discard it and use the apple mini iPad? Maybe I should dig deeper…

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    What worked for all of us, I found in the depths of one of the most discussion forums related to android users, and is the same as how I solved a random problem with an application on my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. By the looks of it, if you disconnect and reconnect the battery and then reconnect the AC to the factory 12 volt charger, you will convince the tablet to pick up and stand up in an attempt to recharge the electric batteries. In less than a minute,I did this and reconnected the 12V, I saw the battery icon appear on the screen and the tool started to charge normally. Success! Any of our bad news on this topic is that wiping the back of a Galaxy phone isn’t easy. In fact, your warranty may be voided, so be careful!

    To separate the back of the Galaxy Tab 3, carefully spread the edges between the screen and the screen housing along the perimeter of the section. To do it right, you’ll need a plastic filter remover and a little patience. I have used a small combat technique but would not recommend it as the metal can even scratch the surface or leave a stain inside the device if you are not careful. Readers have written that old credit cards can be used or mediators. Be careful and DO NOT! Force Run the tool along the edges until the screen detaches from the back cover without applying force.

    After you have removed the back cover, carefully pry up the battery connector by prying it in the correct direction and, and then press it to fit snugly. Since I wrote this article, I have had to trust this trick many times, and in some cases I had to leave the main battery disconnected for more than a minute in order for it to actually work. If quickly disconnecting/reconnecting most of the battery does not help, try leaving the battery disconnected for a full two minutes before reconnecting the product. Install the cover in place by carefully inserting the rear tray into the chassis and pressing around the perimeter until all latches are in place.

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    my samsung tab 3 won t charge

    Why is my Samsung tablet not charging when plugged in?

    The most common reasons why a Samsung tablet won’t charge are faulty cable, charging pad, charging cable and adapter. Or dirty debris in the charging port. Third party apps are interfering with the charging process.

    How do you fix your tablet when it wont charge?

    1 Clean the charging port. Turn off your device and use a small tool (such as a toothpick) to gently remove any debris that may currently be in the charging port.2 Restart. Press and hold the power button on your Android device.

    Why is my tablet plugged in but not charging?

    In many cases, problems with Android tablet charging are caused by the charger or even the charging port itself. If your tablet isn’t actually charging, set it to Airplane mode and dim daylight to save battery while you’re working on a fix. Back up your files for as long as possible if the issue may not be resolved.

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